Finding Your Dream Home

Looking for a new house or condo to call home? Fill out our interactive form with your wish list, and our brokers will be in touch with you shortly to help you find your dream house.

Best Brokers on the Planet

KR has developed what we feel is the most broker-friendly program on the planet, and how could it not be? Our program has been designed and built by brokers, for brokers.

Knipe Life

At KR, we refuse to be just like every other stuffy real estate company. Instead, we choose to live the Knipe Life. We strive to keep a positive attitude in everything we do.

Konnecting with our People

Knipe Realty is a full-service real estate company with the most real estate savvy and service-oriented brokers on the planet. The foundation of KR is based upon our people, our unique platform, and a superior technological advantage. Through customer service and quality assurance, we provide personalized attention to all client needs, however great or small.

Our Big Idea

The foundation of KR is based upon our people, our unique platform, and a superior technological edge. Special emphasis is placed on meeting individual clients’ needs throughout the changing and evolving markets we serve.

Knipe Realty’s referral program is instrumental to my growth. The continual feed of referrals has allowed me to build my pipeline and earn an income, all while I’m building and working my sphere.

Mary H.

As a multi-property owner and investor, when it came time to segue into realty, the choice of where I would hang my license was very important. I needed a company with a culture of respect and value for its agents and clients alike. Knipe Realty does this not only in words and actions, but in their generous fee structure and lead programs as well. For me, the choice was clear: Knipe Realty.

Heather M.

Recently I joined Knipe Realty. Today we had a training camp in Lake Oswego and my mind was BLOWN! I have NEVER seen such a forward-thinking company or man as Jeff Knipe. Not one boring thing was presented. Just endless, perfectly presented, well thought out information. What a down to earth man and an awesome company. I was very happy to attend and I can’t say enough good things. I learned more practical information in one session than the whole time I’ve been in Real Estate.


I started with Knipe Realty with the intention of making my first sales off of the leads that they have provided for me. With that in mind, over my first two months, I have diligently contacted my leads regularly and it has been paying off. I have two in closing and made an offer this morning on a third. I am showing homes almost every other day to various clients and seeing my business take off… There is a very good chance that I will have three more accepted offers in the next two weeks. All of this from the leads program!

Adrian W.

Finding the right brokerage to work with can be tough especially if you are new to Real Estate. Fortunately, through trial and error, I found Knipe Realty NW which has been a Godsend! I have been a Real Estate Broker going on 12 years now and had to go through a few to finally find my home. Knipe Realty is the place I call home now and see no reason to go anywhere else. The “Krew” has been amazing beyond words and made the transition an easy one… Everyone has been so helpful in every way possible! Knipe Realty is innovative and cutting edge… can you say technology on steroids?! I can’t say enough!

Sherry H.

Knipe is a great place to grow! Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned agent they have a variety of programs & classes to help everyone at every level. Additionally, Knipe has a wonderful support team & fantastic community of agents who work together to form a great working environment!

Alicia D. & Bobbi I.

I knew within five minutes of walking into the Knipe office that this was where I was meant to be. Starting out as a new broker, Knipe offered me the assistance, training and knowledge that I was looking for. The environment and culture is one of friendship, support and fun! I truly believe that my business would not have kicked off the way it has if I had been anywhere else.

Kris H.

We have been asked many times “what do you like about working for Knipe Realty NW” we always say “where do we even begin?” The support that you receive from this office is like no other. We have had an open-door policy since day one. From the mentors, training, principal brokers, team leaders & constant help from our fellow brokers, we are always in exceptional hands. We are all one large & amazingly happy family here at Knipe. Brian & I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of this outstanding group of professionals.

Brian & Amber F.

I absolutely love the culture at Knipe! It’s a tech-savvy company of the smartest, kindest people you will ever meet. We all share ideas and truly care about people. Jeff is always inventing new ways to serve our clients and generate leads. It puts us at the forefront of the market! I moved my team of 10 from a larger company to Knipe about a year ago. I love how Knipe treats Portland/Vancouver as one big marketplace, and is always on top of, and even ahead of, the latest technology. Knipe is helping me take my business to the next level while keeping a balanced and happy life!

Amy A.

It has meant so much to me for over seven years now to receive a steady flow of leads through the iMove Network. It has been an uncommon privilege in an increasingly challenging and competitive market place to nurture and develop relationships with folks I would have not met otherwise. I have been repeatedly amazed at the innovation that Jeff and his team exhibit every time they roll out a new technological platform to attract all types of prospective clients. If you are looking to improve your business and your professional performance, then iMove is a strategy where you can do both!

Gary B.